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Russ Jones is an SEO Advisor for Hive Digital where he was employed for over 10 years prior to joining Moz as a Principal Search Scientist. He has been in the web design / development industry since 1997, and is highly sought after as a speaker and trainer at industry conferences. Many of his ideas and research are published on TheGoogleCache.

Russ is a devoted husband to Morgan Jones and father of three girls, Claren, Aven, and Ellis! He loves engaging in philosophical debates on politics and religion and graduated from UNC Chapel Hill.

While he was the head of SEO at Hive Digital, Russ spearheaded the development of several ethical SEO technologies such as LinkSleeve, the second largest link spam prevention tool, OpenCaptcha, a free distributed anti-spam solution, and Remove’em, a link removal service to assist companies clean-up efforts from past spam linking strategies. Russ also pioneered advanced search strategies such as Second Page Poaching, XML Sitemap Assisted Redirects, Relevancy Modified MozRank, and LDA Modeling for Topical Relevancy (now nTopic)…not to mention leading THE largest correlation study in history on Google’s algorithm. Russ conducted sessions at the University of Delaware and NC State University, as well as led panels at known conferences such as PubCon, SMX, SearchExchange, LinkLove, and IBM’s Netezza Conference. He was frequently promoted within the Moz community. He has also contributed to or been quoted in numerous publications across the country including:

Russ is passionate about research and innovation in the search industry. In addition to developing the concept behind Remove’em and PandaRisk, which have both been shortlisted for awards for innovation by the US Search Awards, Russ is constantly searching and experimenting in new methods for link development, technical seo, and keyword research. He’s constantly launching new tools/services/experiments to better the industry and the world, ranging from emergency broadcast alerts like WarnJS to pooling bright minds with research efforts like the Open Penguin Data Project. While he remains a trusted advisor, Russ is no longer an employee of Hive Digital, and is now the Principal Search Scientist at Moz.

He’s known as “The Plant Guy” around the office and is often consulted on changes in the weather.

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